Fructus Terrum is part of Grupo Armejo Yépez, a conglomerate of companies whose objective is to serve, channeling actions in order to have a positive impact on people’s life quality.

We are dedicated to the sale of natural products obtained through respectful and sustainable work, where the generation of wealth and the development of the communities in which we work is the intangible and most precious value of each of the products.

Fructus Terrum has 14 years’ experience and currently relies on three business lines, HORECA, INDUSTRIAL and BIOMARKETS, to serve its domestic and foreign customers. We offer customization according to market needs and we hold the certifications to guarantee the required quality.

Integrated Management Policy

At FRUCTUS TERRUM, a Peruvian company dedicated to the innovation and development of natural foods for the industry and the consumer, we are committed at all levels of the organization, as well as parties associated with our business, to have quality, innovative, safe and competitive, satisfy the requirements of our clients, guarantee the Occupational Safety and Health of our collaborators, suppliers and visitors, as well as preserve the environment, through:

  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and regulations, including safety requirements and those agreed with our clients.
  • The endowment of resources necessary to achieve the fulfillment of goals and objectives of Quality, Safety and Occupational Health and Environment.
  • The development in the training of our collaborators ensuring their competence for the good performance of their tasks.
  • The motivation of employees in the prevention of risks and diseases associated with their operations, through communication and participation in measures to control them.
  • The promotion and permanent monitoring of safety and health, promoting the participation and active consultation of employees, suppliers and visitors.
  • The prevention of environmental pollution, product of our activities.
  • Management to determine and maintain the relevant internal and external communications.
  • The promotion of continuous improvement in the performance of the Integrated Management System of the company.

Miguel Angel Armejo Yépez

CEO – General Manager

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