Due to the high microbial load of agricultural products used for the manufacture of natural ingredients, different disinfection methods have been tested to make sure the resulting ingredients are safe for human consumption. The most commonly used methods include disinfection with solutions containing various chemicals, use of gases and even gamma irradiation. Properly managed, all of these methods can reduce the microbial load although with limitations and inefficiencies during the process and/or the risk of contaminating the product with residues that are harmful to health. In view of this, in recent years a steam sterilization or disinfection technique has been developed that consists of treating the ingredients with hot water steam and in some cases even with pressure.



Advantages of this method over others are:

  1. Greater efficiency and effectiveness in reducing microbial load, reaching sterility levels.
  2. It does not leave any toxic residues in product because the biocide agent is steam.
  3. Ingredients treated with this method can be used in organic products because it is a natural method.


At FRUCTUS TERRUM we started to develop this method in 2005 with the help of a Belgian expert and we have been using it in our ingredients since 2008 with excellent results in more than 20 products. We are sure that our ingredients will be a success in your products thanks to their taste and safety.